Thursday, February 7, 2008

Uses Of Vodafone Mobile Script

There are four interesting videos using the MobileScript Engine. Allowing developers write easy code to access every phone function. All these widgets has been developed using HTML and JavaScript. These demos are running on a Windows Mobile phone. An interesting video is Virtual Desktop, a entire phone interface that integrate web 2.0 services allowing users make a relation between the phone data and the internet data. The services used by these interface are Google Maps, Weather Bug, Flickr and Facebook. Also you can view profiles into the same interface, for example if you are in away profile the phone shows where you are and the weather for this city. Enjoy these videos, and please left a comment telling what you think.

These software was implemented between two Vodafone R&D Locations : Newbury (UK) and Huesca (Spain).

Virtual Desktop


Contact Map

Time Zone

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