Monday, February 25, 2008

iPhone Widgets Platform SDK

What do you think about develope your own widgets in the iPhone. Perhaps with the SDK presentation a Widget platform will be introduced. In the XCode 3.0 there are an interesing SDK to develope our own widgets. Perhaps take advantage with Dahscode is to use it on the iPhone.

And also a lot of widgets already developed could be used on the iPhone. I think the use of dashcode on the iPhone is really interesting for the industry and every important mobile company as Nokia or Microsoft has their own widget platform. Apple must to take part in the mobile widget market.

The Microsoft widget platform is zumobi. This solution is only for Windows Mobile based phones.

What do you think about Widgets?


jh said...

hi! have you got any experiencer in iphone widgets development?

Pedro Fraca said...

I have experience in other widgets platforms like opera, yahoo and google gagdets. With JavaScript, HTML and CSS coding. I think there's no widget platform for the iPhone only webpage development.