Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Download And Install The WebKit Nightly Build

If you want to use the new WebKit JavaScript engine called SquirrelFish that interprets JavaScript three times faster than Safari 3.1 and 38 % faster than Google's Chrome JavaScript engine, you can download the nightly builds and install it under Mac Os X and Windows.

Follow the next link.

Via: Applesfera.


Mital - MD said...

I want to build an application over webkit to run javascript.
I am new to javascript. can u help me how exactly the calls are happening between javascript and webkit? I will be greatly thankful to you :)
my e-mail id is mital.d.vora@gmail.com

Pedro Fraca said...


First, thank for your comment.
The way to make native os calls from JavaScript in Webkit is the NPAPI interface. You can review here the API reference. http://web.archive.org/web/20030916222933/devedge.netscape.com/library/manuals/2002/plugin/1.0/plugin.pdf

Also I remember that in the Xcode 3.0 you can select a project type called Safari Plugin or somehting similar.

Another way to do this functionality is the jnex project jnext.org. Is a cross plattform framework to do native calls from javascript and has support for Safari (webkit). You can ilustrate your project with the jnext.org source code. Is GPL.

I hope this commet will be helpfull for you. And please leave your impressions or any comment about this topic.