Monday, March 24, 2008

Acid3 Safari test

The Safari browser passed the Acide3 test with 95/100. The WebKit team has fixed an exceptions, and now they match the DOM 3 specification.

I think the browsers must to match this specification at the top level, because it will be interesting to develope more web apps. Nowadays if you're developing a Web page you need view correctly in the most browsers and it's very hard try and solve the problems.

And congratulations to the WebKit Team.

Vía WebKit Blog.


p4810 said...

I'm currently browsing with the latest webkit nightly build and I got a 100/100 mark.

So, isn't that great?

Pedro Fraca said...

Interesting, now is moment to the rest of browsers. I hope that companies spend time to solve this problem. And also I hope that IE match with the standars and with the NPAPI interface :), it will be great.

Thanks for your comment.