Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Apple Will Introduce New iPods

Apple's iPod would be updated to wide screen at an event scheduled for Sept. 5. Today Apple shares jump to 132.65. I think new iPod should be like iPhone wide screen, with multitouch. But if this was true maybe the iPhone sales might go down. What do you think about?.

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Pablo said...

Do you really think that a multitouch screen would be useful on an iPod?

I don't think so.

Maybe integrating the clickwheel into the touchable screen...

Peter said...

Perhaps the clickwheel it's very identificative on an iPod, and would be difficult to dissapear. But the Cover Flow is very nice, and very useful. Thanks for your comment.

Aenarion said...

As far as... I don't think so. Multitouch screen implies more expensive iPods...
If we have something like that, probably there will be iPods with multitouch, and also without multitouch screens.
However, think about iPod's interface. It's difficult to make an interface compatible with these 2 models (multitouch and non-multitouch). Do you think they'll make 2 different interfaces?
You're a programmer as me Peter hehe, think about it ^^

Hala te lo he puesto en ingles y asi practicamos :)
Cuidate, IƱaki

Peter said...

At firts, thanks for the comment. Two differents interfaces could be possible, but the cost of the iPod would be low if they have the same interface. Really i don´t know, but as programmer I thik that it's possible make two compatibles interface for two models, but it's really usefull?. Apple engineers thinks everything for make the best UI, everything would be possible. In two hours we know it. Steve Jobs has final say.

As you see, I'm improving my english and you can find a lot of mistakes.

Thanks again. Peter.